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Younique, 27a Shepherds Mount, Compton, Berkshire RG20 6QY

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Combining Eastern healing traditions with modern scientific disciplines

The Younique Programme

  1. A free 20 minute consultation conducted  preferably in person, or by skype or phone call
  2. On a mutual decision to start the programme, you will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires including a ten-day diary
  3. This leads to your assessment appointment, showing your current level of health. This appointment lasts approximately 90 minutes and the advance fee (£160) is refundable if you are not happy with the assessment
  4. Following  a successful  assessment, you will embark on a minimum 6 month program starting with the establishment of your Metabolic Type
  5. Follow up appointments can be scheduled in person, by telephone, email or skype approximately  every two to three weeks

Download our programme documents here

Consultations Typically Cover

Other possible topics include; raw / organic foods, emotional stress, toxic exposure, hormones, teeth, fungus and parasites, electromagnetic stress, structural stress, eating whilst travelling and other trouble shooting techniques.


A discount will be applied for payment in advance for the 6 month program.

A full orthopaedic assessment can also be arranged with a CHEK colleague