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Younique, 27a Shepherds Mount, Compton, Berkshire RG20 6QY

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Di Wilkinson

I have many years experience in the health industry and am passionate about mental and physical well being.

I believe that the goal of true health is accessible to most people.

In taking on the commitment of the YOUNIQUE health package for the minimum requirement of 6 months I hope to guide you to realise your full health potential.

My personal experience  of this satisfying state of health is what truly inspires me to help you feel the same.

Thank you Diane for your kind strong bubbly support over the last few years, with your help I have stayed focused (amazingly), with your energy I have persevered & with your understanding I have learnt what makes me tick!   Your ‘Younique’ programme has given me the knowledge to over come several long term ‘barriers’ in my life & I’m so grateful.  I feel in a much healthier place now, lots to look forward to……….including seeing you soon.


Diane is a sensitive and knowledgeable practitioner who always takes her clients needs into consideration, and helps guide them along their way to optimum health.  This nutrition program is not only specially tailored to your own body's unique needs, but also teaches you to listen to your body, while gaining valuable knowledge about how to be healthy along the way.


Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food

CMTA (Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor)
advanced level with Health Excel

Qualifications & Memberships

HLC (Holistic Lifestyle Coach)
level 3 with CHEK Institute

Member of Embody
The Complementary Therapist Association