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The Younique Nutrition and Lifestyle Program

Do you often feel stressed, tired, or listless?
Are you overweight, underweight or out of shape?
Do you wish you had the energy you used to have?

The YOUNIQUE  nutrition and lifestyle program is designed with you, to specifically meet your individual health needs. Professional, comprehensive assessments are made to determine your METABOLIC TYPE with the aim of raising your awareness of the correct food choices you should be making in order to gain optimal health potential.

The program is entirely unique to you.


We are all striving for balance in our lives. There is a continual juggling act between our careers, a family life and our interests and hobbies. To achieve balance we have to be in the best of health, both physically and mentally.

It is time to stop operating below par - trying to do too much, under-achieving, suffering niggling health problems and not enjoying life as you should. The YOUNIQUE programme can help you achieve the balance you need.

For anyone who is serious about their health and wellbeing Increase your sense of well-being Reduce feelings of hunger between meals Lose or gain weight as appropriate Increase your energy levels Achieve your physical goals Improve your concentration levels

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